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We are the launch specialists. No doubt about it.

We took the traditional sales model and gave it not just a shiny new coat of paint, but completely rebuilt the process from the inside out. Our increased ability to communicate with future homeowners and investors, both locally and globally, has forever changed the market’s landscape, opening up incredibly innovative and more effective sales avenues.


We’ll achieve a higher return in a shorter period of time, which can reduce or even eliminate the need to sell in the traditional on-site fashion and that tends to make our clients pretty darn happy. Of course, if traditional sales turn out to make more sense, we have the knowledge and resources in place to sell on-site, and we’ll excel at it.


Our team will identify the best way to sell new projects, outline the most effective formula for sales, and then put highly trained professionals in place to manage the entire process. We begin with the education of the database of potential homeowners and investors, escorting them throughout the entire process until the final stage of closing is attained - all while ensuring the highest conversion rate of sales possible.


Inspiration Realty aided in the marketing and sales of billions of dollars of real estate, in several major markets. Our experience has inspired us to develop a well-defined process and communication program that guides potential homeowners from the point of awareness and inquiry through the day they take ownership of their new home. This high level of buyer communication follows a carefully strategized and monitored timeline that spans the community’s lifecycle.


Remember, our focus is heavily customer service oriented. Those who register for our projects won’t just receive routine updates and rote answers to frequently asked questions, they will experience the full breadth of our innovative and custom-tailored communication program. We created this process to fill an existing need, and we’re intent on implementing it in the ideals of our clients.


At Inspiration Realty we don’t just take a shotgun approach to sales, we make the best sale.


That philosophy is the core of our program, by which we create a strong and extremely loyal customer base for our client’s first community, a base that tends to follow us on to the next one.


There are always ways to do things cheaper; cut corners here, sacrifice a little quality to shave off a few dollars there...


At Inspiration Realty we are not about doing things cheaper, we are about doing things better.


Our hallmark is providing a premium product accompanied by a peerless level of service with fanatical attention to detail. Don’t get us wrong, expensive does not always equal better. We spurn exorbitance as much as we do penny-pinching. What we can promise is that we’ll produce the most exceptional, effective and engaging advertising, marketing and sales program possible. What we can’t promise is that we’ll always be the cheapest.


Of course not everyone will see the value in the way we do business, but then we’re not sure that we want to do business with just anyone. We accept nothing less than the best from ourselves, and as such we choose to represent those clients who make the same demands of themselves. The clients we relish are those whose genuine inspiration is the quality of their work, whose measure of profit lies in the legacy they will leave behind.


At Inspiration Realty we provide a complete turnkey solution which offers the unique ability to take a community from concept through closing with a set of sales solutions designed to meet the needs of a variety of project styles. From small infill communities with short sales cycles to larger master planned communities with much longer lifecycles and greater sets of needs, we can accommodate it all.


Our percentage based fee structure provides our clients the flexibility to choose not only the level of service desired, but also the specific types of services that best meet their needs. That means we don’t nickel and dime, push unnecessarily complex direct mail pieces or pad our media budgets with superfluous insertions. Tying our profit to that of our clients’ not only cements our shared goals, but fuels our determination to create unequaled products with unrivaled performance.





  • Depth of the Market
  • Product demand & acceptance
  • Actual Prospect Profile
  • Demographics & Psychographics
  • Product prototype development
  •  Pricing Expectations


  • Sales Program Strategy & Planning
  • Sales event Implementation
  • Scheduled appointments
  • Traditional on-site sales
  • Auction


  • Design, Layout and Traffic Flow\
  • Theming & Merchandising
  • Furnishing
  • General Office Set-up
           -Sales supplies
           -Collateral Pieces


  • Sales Professionals
  • Administrative Support


  • Coordinate Design and Color-Out Process
  • Coordinate Mortgage Process
  • Coordinate Closing Process
  •  Maintain Backlog of Sales through Closing
  •  Administrative Process and Paperwork Management


  • Investor Database
  • Realtor Database
  • Industry Partners
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