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Today's real estate market is very challenging. Inspiration Realty professionals have proven to be one of today's most effective realtors for selling luxury
condos and fine homes in


Like it or not, real estate market prices are down. Buyers are hunting for deals on condos and homes and they tend to ignore properties that are listed at unrealistic prices. However, it's not all doom-and-gloom. Properties are, indeed, continuing to sell, and, in many cases, at high prices. The condo building you live in and the type and condition of your unit will play a big part in understanding if you need to price your property at a discount or at a higher-that-average price. Our first task with sellers is to help them figure out a realistic selling price for their condo or home, based on today's real estate market.
We will help you find a target price that could result in quick sale in 30-60 days, or if you have more time, a higher price that could result in a sale in 3-6 months. This gives a seller two different selling strategies, each one meeting a different objective of the seller.


Buyers today are hunting for bargains. It doesn't matter whether or not they are buying a small studio apartment or a massive luxury condo on the beach, buyers wants a deal. Many are convinced that real estate market prices SHOULD be discounted by as much as 50%, and that is how they approach many listed condos and homes in Miami. The market price is determined by how much other (recent) buyers have been willing to pay for similar properties. We've have certainly seen some prices go down, but we have also seen others go up. When we meet a buyer who is considering purchasing one of our sellers' properties, we work with them to help them understand the proper real estate market in Miami and Miami Beach's varies communities. This normally means guiding them out of the "bargain mindset", and helping them understand the proper value of the properties that we are selling.
We are committed to helping our sellers reach buyers who understand today's real estate market. Strong currencies in Europe and Canada have helped to maintain a healthy flow of real estate transactions, and we can attribute higher market values to many of these buyers. We also try to help buyers make appropriate offers on properties that we are selling on behalf of our customers, and we do this by educating them on the market. But, our first job is to get your condo or home to the market.
Our comprehensive sales and marketing program will ensure that your condo or home is given the maximum amount of exposure. Our marketing program includes:
  1. Extensive photography of the property, including a panoramic virtual tour of the property and common areas
  2. Your property exclusively dedicated website
  3. Inclusion in the MLS (multiple listing service), where tens and thousands of Realtors® and brokers have access to the property listings. Inspiration’s MLS listings maximize the use of photos and virtual tours.
  4. Regular TV shows with the national and international (Europe, Canada, South America) networks, featuring properties for sale.
  5. Extensive visibility to a global community of buyers through the Internet, including featured and prominent placement on www.CondoSuperCenter.com, www.realtor.com and a host of other high-traffic websites. Your condo's details are propagated to hundreds of other websites around the world, by a sharing system that we participate in.
  6. Ongoing high-ranking advertising in Unique Homes, DuPont magazines
  7. Full-color, online brochures for your property, available for download in PDF format
  8. Continual e-mail marketing to our worldwide customer base, which includes regular e-mail blasts to hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world
  9. Regular broker e-mail updates, reaching thousands of brokers both locally and from around the world.

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